Giants in the Clouds

A poetic journey through a child’s dreamworld written by Maria Muscarella of Ninja ChickensGiants in the Clouds takes its reader on a nighttime adventure in which friendly giants climb down from great castles in the sky to romp and roam the farmlands and get up to all manner of mischievous tricks while the rest of the house sleeps peacefully in their beds. Official release date February 19th; now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Penelope’s Superpower

In this children’s book written by Melinda M. Cropsey, Penelope, a playful hedgehog, introduces her woodland friends to a simple, meditative, heart-centered breathing practice. Breathing “in like a flower and out like a shower,” she awakens them to the superpower of love and to the infinite possibilities that surround and support us all. (Ages 3-7.) Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Penelope Hears Her Heart

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Penelope Hears Her Heart, written by Katherine and Maya Ward, is the story of a frightened little hedgehog who flees her familiar home and embarks on an adventure.